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Golem Arcana

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Pretty cool idea. Sort of warmachine-like. The game pieces are all animated constructs. You get a bunch of factions, each with a cool distinctive and usually evil theme. 

You need a smartphone or tablet to play... you CAN play with a computer in theory but don't. This sounds cumbersome but it isn't It's actually really cool. The electronic

interface accomplishes several things:


1. Eliminates the need for a rule book. And, really, even a detailed understanding of the rules. You can't really do well until you understand the rules but the computer will 

make sure you are at least playing legally. 


2. Allows for perpetual updates without the purchase of expansions. No unit has a fixed points cost. Instead every cost and ability is subject to update according

an updated international score card and the feedback of players. 


3. Allows for a seamless, narrative style game. As you attain objectives and defeat foes the game inserts plot devices that may or may not affect your chances of victory. 

Either way they keep outcomes from too be predictable. 


The force you select consists of four main elements. There are golems, represented by the miniatures. These come in a variety of styles representing familiar functions like tank, 

recon, support, medic, sniper and so forth. Then there are knights which pilot the golems. Most golems need one knight but larger ones can have two or more. These guys have 

various special abilities which enhance the golems abilities. Next there are items. These are generally one-use resources that can affect one or more game units. Finally there are 

elders (I think that's what their called) These are the deities of the game. They give you your spells. 


The neat thing is that the game is super complicated with lots of interactive elements, synergies and meta-strategy normally requiring a huge tome that you waste half your game 

night looking stuff up in. Instead, you have a little tablet that will answer specific questions if you want but will simply resolve situations accordingly if you don't feel like hearing

the details. 


Check it out some time!











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