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Heeding the Green Call...

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Hey All:


Orcs were my first WFB a loooooong time ago and I've always found them to be fun to play. To that end, I played them at Raindog's Rampage and they didn't disappoint.


So....for the moment and for me at least...to quote the original Pale Orc "the time of the elves is over...the age of the Orc has begun!", I.e. I'll be doing some orcy stuff over the winter and playing Orcs at the Blacksheep Brawl in March.


Here is what I'm thinking for 2,400 points:


Morgor Da Mangler (Black Orc Warboss): Armour of Silvered Steel; Talisman of Preservation; Ironcurse Icon. 255

Paht-Zee (Orc Great Shaman): Dispel Scroll; The Other Trickster's Shard; Level 4 Wizard; War Boar. 264


Gorthol (Black Orc Big Boss): Armour of Destiny; shield; Battle Standard. 167

Mirko, Da Mighty (Goblin Big Boss): Potion of Foolhardiness; Giant Wolf; great weapon; light armour. 58

Goblin Big Boss: Giant Wolf; great weapon; light armour. 53


38 Orc Big 'Uns: Orc Boss; Musician; Standard Bearer; Razor Standard; shields. 422

5 Goblin Wolf Riders: Musician; spears. 65

5 Goblin Wolf Riders: Musician; spears. 65

5 Goblin Wolf Riders: spears. 55


35 Black Orcs: Black Orc Boss; Musician; Standard Bearer; War Banner; shields. 525

5 Orc Boar Boyz: Musician; shields; spears. 110


Doom Diver Catapult 80

Doom Diver Catapult 80

Grugnold, The Freakin' Huge (Giant) 200


2,399 points


Any reason not to put the Great Shaman on the boar and run him with an Orc infantry unit? Seems like it boosts his survivability and is probably an even trade with loss of support attack offset by boar charge attack.



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Love the list!


If you want to run the Orc Shaman in one of the Orc blocks then im pretty sure if hes mounted then his LoS save would be on a 4+...were is if hes on foot with them then hes infantry like they are and his LoS save would be 2+.


Oh and were is your NG Shaman with Lore of Undead??...Get up with the times!..THE END TIMES!


You don't need to pay for chaff,Cast it!


...in theory of course...


Anyway,looks like a fun list to play:)

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Thanks for the feedback! Looks like it Swedishes to 14, if I'm reading that system correctly.


I forgot about the lookout sir thing....the reason why I asked was that I thought there must be something I wasn't thinking about. Probably will go back to on foot...which is a shame cuz I have a mounted one that I like.


As for End times and all that....the only way I'd use the undead magic is if I made myself a bunch of zombie/skeleton orcs.

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