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More advise Plz

Steel Angel

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So I'm thinking of using enforcers as Marines. what do y'all think


Your call. I'm thinking they'd be confusing to represent PA marines. You'd be fine for scouts, imperial guardsmen and so forth.

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Scouts yer was thinking that, but as IG the feel is off each is taller then a Marine.


Your right though may go scouts as the only diff. Between SW scouts And wolf hunters is armor as the stats are the same.

Those models have better posture than the marines, I think they're about the same height, standing straight. 


If you do use them as PA marines, the iconic SM shoulder pads and backpacks would go a long way to avoiding confusion.

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Also just fyi these are not going to be actual SM in my army theme. Just a count as using the Space Wolf codex.

Certainly gives some wiggle room. Yeah, should be fine so long as you don't take allies (like any infantry-like allies).

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Enforcers are a bit on the slim side as Marines, but if the army is entirely composed of them you'll be fine- just don't mix in any "heroic scale" models and it won't look particularly out of place.


The jeep would be hard to push as anything but an Attack Bike, I think. And yeah, Robogear has some cool stuff around, if you can find it.

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