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X-Wing or Armada?

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So time is advancing quickly for Star Wars Armada and I want to get back into the Star War's games. But which one?


X-Wing has a great selection of ships and very good rules with a good player base.


Armada is a new game that the rules look as good as the X-Wing game with a more advance approach. But it is new. Then again getting in at the beginning is also good and who does not want to command a Star Destroyer?

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Plenty of people have expressed interest in armada, but x-wing is already a stable player base. So yes, being in on the ground floor can be awesome (and is an experience in itself), but x-wing will guarantee you games.


It's difficult to look into the crystal ball and see if armada will share x-wing's acceptance. I want to play armada, but I also want to play scum and villainy for x-wing and there is only so much time and/or dollars.

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Given FFG's habit (especially with X-wing) of producing limited runs on their products, I would get the Armada products sooner than later.  Anything that proves to be useful/popular in x-wing seems to sell out fast with a long time between reprints (Millenium Falcon, Slave I, etc.).  It might not be as much of an issue with the first wave of ships.

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Do you want to play a dog fight game, or a mass fleet combat game.


Basically the ruleset will be very very similar (its using the flightpath system as its base)


So it really comes down to if you want to fly 2-3 x wings vs 6-8 tie's. Or do you want to fight star 2-3 frigates/star destroyers vs 3-5 rebel capitol ships with some snub fighter stands mingled in.

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I should mention I played X-Wing for about three months when it came out and was the rules guy at GG when I helped started the Monday Night group. I loved playing X-Wing but life got in the way then.


Now I once again can get more games in and have been having a massive need to play Star Wars. (The 12 year old in me saw the new movie trailer.) But I will admit I am more for more complex cordination of Larger ships with fighter support but still love the dog fighting style of X-Wing. Also the latest Empire ships have been fantastic.


Maybe I will get the Decimator and some starter boxes and focus more on Armada. Just have X-Wing for fun games.

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So I was thinking about the size of the models and contemplating how big we'll see Armada get.  I'm kind of doubtful we'll see Super Star Destroyers or similar sized Dreadnoughts.  The Victory class is like 900m and the model appears to be approx 2 inches+.  The Executor, Vader's Flagship in ESB and RotJ, was over 20x larger than a Vic.  That puts us at nearly 4 feet.  Even if the stick to the Cinemagraphic play/scaling format, going any smaller than 2 ft really just does it disservice in scale, but I could see them doing that.  Imperial-Class Star Destroyers are not quite twice the size of Vics, so lets call them 3.75" long, while Rebel Mon Cals are going to be around the 3" range, being about half again as long as a Vic.



Victory Class are 900m

Mon Cal Cruisers are 1200-1300m

Imperial Class are 1600m

Executor is 19,000m

Death Star is 160,000m

Death Star II is 900,000m



Edit:  The Corvette appears to be closer to the 2" range and is 150m.  Neb B is 300m, so should be twice as long, but they are not.  They are almost the same size, model wise.  The Vic appears to be about twice the size of the Neb B model, though it should be 3 times the size of the model if everything was scaled the same.


Which brings me back to the above, I imagine we'll get the Executor as a "Giant Ship" like the Corvette and Raider in X-Wing.  Probably about the same size as the 3 X-Wing ships, too, I'd imagine.  It will still dwarf the other ships.  

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