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WFB in Seattle these days?

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Greetings all,


I'm new to the forum and just getting back into Fantasy after a several year absence and I just wanted to get a sense of who's playing in the Seattle area. I've messaged a few people on the opponent finder but haven't heard back anything yet. So if you're in the Seattle area (or nearby in Oly or Tacoma) and want to get a game in sometime, post here or send me a PM. I've seen a lot of folks on here from the P-town/Salem area and look forward to traveling that way sometime to meet y'all and get some gaming in. And who knows, if I can get enough rats painted in time, I may head on down to the Black Sheep Brawl, which looks like a blast!


At any rate, this is an excellent forum and thanks for all the hard work a lot of you are putting in to make WFB what it needs to be.




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another forum to check out is the dimensional cascade guys who are up in seattle. http://dimensionalcascade.com/

yea a lot of people are going to the brawl and you should too!  yea most people on here are from the oregon side of things, but there's a sprinkle of canadiens and seattle folk on here.  ofcc is in july in portland(technically vancouver WA but its a 'burb) too which is a fun laid-back huge fantasy event as well.  welcome back!

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Yeah, check out Dimensional Cascade.  There's a new group trying to get started at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue on Wednesday evenings after work.


There should be some guys stopping by tomorrow - I originally planned to but had to hold off due to work.  Other then that, the Dimensional guys seem to play at private homes and such.  Don't know of any other stores that currently have a dedicated Warhammer Fantasy group.   

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Gratzi for all the info. I'll definitely be down for the OFCC, I'll stay tuned for all the updates. Portland isn't too far and it sounds like a fun event, thanks for the heads up Panic.


And Swan, I'll have to check that out tomorrow at Mox in Bellevue. Would people be starting around 6 to 7ish? I saw that place online but you never really know when people actually show up lol.

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