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Miss you guys... and shout out to Ordo


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Hey, it's me, Xavier/Sean. Moved to Ohio to do my PhD, and it's dismal. THe gaming is dissapointing, and there is NO 40k out here. Evidently it's "too expensive" or something, sounds like lack of dedicaiton to me. Regardless, I miss Ordo, game nights, and the people immensely. All of us do. I just wanted to reach out and take this opportunity to say that Ordo is pretty much the best 40k community I've ever been a part of, and that is almost entirely due to you guys, everyone in it. Thank you. I'll keep trying to play out here, We'll try and make it to OFCC. Thanks everyone, sincerely. I'm gonna try and make some more posts, and slap down some lists and catch up on all the 40k stuff, I feel out of date.


On another note, since I dont want this to be totally not about 40k. Is there any way to accurately represent Ork Speed Freaks accurately that is also effective in the current environment? When I played about nine months ago, Trukks were very death-trapy, and seemed to do more harm than good to regular trukk boys. Thanks!

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If you go with Forgeworld, there's a character there that makes bikes troops.  That's a good speed freak way to go.  There's also the Blitz Brigade formation to get battlewagons.  


Trukks are fine for units like Meganobz or even 'ard boyz, but they are pretty death trappy as you say to regular boyz.  I don't think there's a real solution there, sadly.  

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Good to hear from Team Diversity!


We miss you guys as well. With AgentP's league starting next week, you guys would be awesome fun to have there.


That's too bad about the Ohio scene. Any chance that you could start something? I know you have a few armies. Maybe invite someone to play one of them. Best way to get something going is to have fun with it.


Glad to see you posting again and hope to hear from you more.

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