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Fluger Games Day (time to get back on the horse)


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Well, the last time I had a Games Day scheduled at my house, my Dad died.  Haven't had one since then just because of the chaos and confusion of the last 6 months.  Additionally, the porch that I do most of the gaming on sprung a bunch of leaks and became kind of a soppy mess.  


Anyway, things have finally stabilized at my house and the porch is now fixed (literally a few hours ago) and I've been feeling the itch to host again.  


I'm thinking early February, like maybe the 6th for my next event.  


Who would be down?  


Should be 40k and also SAGA in the mix.  

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Well, I'm set on the 7th of February.  


Typical Fluger Game Day stuff:


I provide dinner main course and some light snacks.  Hoping others bring sides and drinkage.  


I have 3 tables and 3 tables worth of terrain.  Anything beyond that I'm going to need people to bring some other stuff.  (this is subject to change as I might be able to swing a 4th table but not the terrain).  


Start time is noon and it ends when we all get tired and want to leave.  Depending on response, I might push start time to 10 and do lunch too.  


I usually do a smoked brisket or pork butt, but we'll see.  Depends on response.  

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The goal is to start rolling these out every month like clockwork.  A big part of that is going to be me getting 4 tables worth of GOOD terrain and 4 good tables all completed.  

Long term, I'd like it to be a casual, 3 round tournament of 8 players every month (more to have a structure to ensure 3 games rather than anything else).  


That's my vision.  

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well that Brisket was bad ass.  So assuming my work schedule permits, I absolutely will be interested and I'll be there with some victuals for all.  I don't drink alcohol, period, but I very much enjoy watching people who do, so it's an added bonus for me.  Maybe I'll bring the Dr. Pepper.


EDIT:  and I just checked and I am not running my D&D game that day.  So that is one less thing to work around!

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