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How to build an unbound army?


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Just trying to be clear on the unbound rules. As I read it, I just bring models and play. Not totally sure if I need to field entire units, or if I can field partial units.


GG league rules allow for unbound armies, though the only rules seem to be the imposed point limit. What are the rules for an unbound army?


Can I just bring an entire army of marines with melta guns? Or do they need to be entire squads as per the army list? Can I bring duplicate special characters? Also, is the unbound army compatible with the detachment system, like can I bring a CAD and an unbound detachment?

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pg 117 BRB says "bring units" not "bring models."  I would say you have to meet the Unit requirements to field the Unit.  So, no, you couldn't bring 130 Meltagun Marines to a 2k point game.  Pg 117 also addresses Special Characters and says they are UNIQUE, 1 per army, period.  And an Unbound Army is, *gasp* an Army. Detachments are for Battle-Forged Armies, only.




It's all on 117-118.

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In addition to what IK said, the only Detachments allowed in an Unbound list are Formations. Well, I think technically you can take other Detachments, but you don't get the Command Benefits.


Pg 118 Paragraph 2



This Section Focuses on the Battle-Forged method.  If you opt to choose an army using this method, your units are organised into Detachments and many gain special rules and in-game advantages.


Pg 117 Paragraph 5 (6?) Top right of page



If you used the Unbound method, then once you choose your Warlord, every model in your army that has the same faction as your Warlord is considered to be part of the Primary Detachment for all rules purposes.  Of Course, in an Unbound army, these models are not bound by any detachment restrictions and do not receive Command Benefits.


Pg 121 Black Box



Formations are a special type of Detachment, each a specific grouping of units renowned for their effectiveness on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.  ........


Unlike other Detachments, Formations can also be taken as part of Unbound Armies.  If they are, their units maintain the special rules gained for being part of the Formation.



Thanks for bringing Formations to my attention.  I didn't realize they differed from Detachments.  I knew they were "fixed formations," but I thought they were the same as other Detachments, just...fixed.  Which, I guess they still are, even the book says so. lol  



So Pax, you CAN take Formations and DO benefit from their special rules in an UNBOUND army.  

You CANNOT take any other type of detachment, though.  

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Unbound Armies are free to use Units from any Faction.  They may also take Formations and benefit from the Formations' special rules.  They may not take any other Detachment, and do not gain any other rules benefits that would otherwise be granted to a Battle-Forged Army.


Battle-Forged Armies may take any number of Detachments, including formations.  All models must be attached to one of those detachments, and may not belong to more than one detachment.


"Unique" Units, such as Special Characters, are limited to 1 each of that Unit, per army.


Is that a bit more....straight forward?




I know someone around here has a write up about the two Armies and their differences, it's been a few months since I read it.  It's on their off-site blog.  I'm sure someone knows what article I'm talking about and will link it.  I'm sure it will answer some of your questions, and create more.  :)  

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