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Void Hardened Armor? (for painting purposes)


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Ordered the Minotaurs special characters via FW. One of which, the chappy, has choice of void hardened armor or a jump pack. I want the armor, as I don't want the bulky rule on this model. Took me a bit, but I found the rules for the armor. Void Hardened armor isn't really armor, but more a durability coating on the armor that makes it harder to move in and more safe in the void of space.


How should I paint it on?


Not really looking to convert, given that I'm buying a FW model, so painting suggestions? Freehand is fine. Can't seem to find images on google regarding this.


This guy:enkomi2.jpg

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This should prolly be in artificier forge...


On topic I'd play around with paint on gloss varnish. I'm assuming you typically matte varnish so paint the model normal then afterwards go back with lines of gloss varnish along the edges. It world give an effect of a different coating than the rest of the army with out turning the chappy into a ball of Shiney.

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