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When you cant get heroin...

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...settle for methadone?


Has anyone tried universal battles? The website that lets you play Warhammer online? It looks promising. Sometimes during the week I wish I could just go somewhere and get a game. With this, it seems like that's something of a reality, though I don't know if there are enough players to make it that dependable yet. And I don't think it could compare with playing it in person... I don't believe it could compete with or hamper the real thing. Maybe I'm wrong?


I havent even tried it though, maybe the interface is terrible. And maybe I shouldn't mess with something that could eat up that kind of time.

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Vassal is "pretty big" in the 40k world, I'm not sure about the Fantasy world.  It's a GUI, much like the screen shots are showing on UniBats, but capable of handling a bunch of different things.  When I say things, I mean board/table top games.  







I'm not seeing the Module for Fantasy on Vassal's page.  To be fair, 40ks isn't on there, either, though, because Copyright.  

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I play it about once a week with my friend from Iowa. It is superb for learning things and playing people long distance. Still rather play live, but it's great when u don't have the time to travel Plus u can save. Some minor issues with it but nothing bad. I recommend it if u have a friend who will play with u. Well worth the cost imo .. I'm referring to universal battle

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