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Have: Dark Elf army, Want: $, Stonehorns!


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So I kinda went overboard and impulse-purchased an Dark Elf army over a pretty short amount of time. After having proxied the army up, playing a few games, and putting some paint on some models, I've come to the conclusion that DE are not the army for me; I'm pretty content with playing my Ogres, and the prospect of painting a new army is more daunting a prospect that I anticipated.


So I'm looking to sell my army in order to fund some Mordheim projects, buy some board games, and maybe add a few things to my Ogres. Here's what I have:



-20 Black Ark Corsairs (5 assembled / partially assembled, 15 on sprue) - $30


-15 Dark Riders / Doomfire Warlocks (partially assembled, all bits to build either DR or 'locks on sprue)- $50


-10 Cold One Knights (Cold Ones assembled, Knights still on sprue)- $35



-2 Reaper Bolt Thrower (metal, assembled, 1 primed, 1 partially painted)- $30


-Army Book - $30


-Battle Magic Cards - $8


Will also include movement trays and Terra Hydra toy I've been using for my DE Hydra if you want (Hydra will need some finagling to fit on a proper monster base) for anyone who wants the lot


Also looking for Stonehorns! Need at least 2, but looking for 4 of then :)



Have pics of everything, send me your email address if you want them ("file was too big for upload")

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I've gotten a few offers online (Bartertown) from people wanting just a portion of the army. I'd rather trade local though and avoid the hassle of shipping stuff off.


At this point I'll consider breaking the army apart if I can get a good enough chunk of the army off my hands. I don't mind sitting on some of the less desirables (*cough*CORSAIRS*cough*) if it means I can clear out the rest of the stuff.


Please PM me with offers on what you want!

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