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Repentia trial scheme


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Sat down while watching a movie last night to play around with one of my Repentia. My pics suck, I just did a quicky to see how my scheme would look. I wanted my ladies to have a darker skin tone because I've never done it, the pale pink robes just seemed like a good fit between the skintone and gold.


Still it was missing something. What do my chainsaw weilding, zealot, psychopaths need?? Ah, got it...


GORE! I need to get some of the newer blood technical paint and try that out but I think the idea's sound.

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Thanks for the kind words guys. As she was just a tester she'll be bathing in the holy waters of Simple Green, only to emerge cleansed of all her (paint related) sins now. Lessons learned:

Prime white. I normally prime white but she was already primed grey so I figured I'd see if my opinion of grey primer has changed. It has not. I really want them to stand out so clean and crisp is the plan.

Go for a more reddish/bronzed brown on the skintone.

Blood for the Blood God, get a lot.

Basing, I'm thinking mostly turquoise marble and rubble, any opinions?

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