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Victory or Death 2015 - Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Vancouver BC


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This is a base page atm with details before the tournament pack is released.


Base information for now is:


Held on May 2nd & 3rd


40 Players

6 Games (Yes 6, not some lame as 5 game event)

No End Times but there will be some changes to benefit a few of the weaker armies

2500 points

Combined 50% Lord/Heroes


Prizes for:


Best Overall (Battle Points, Missions and Scenarios)
Best General (Just Battle Points)
Best Tactician (Scenario and Missions)
Best Painted – Players Vote
Best Painted – Judges Vote
Best Cake (Yes, you read it, there will be a bake off)


Ticket Price is Just $40 ($10 down from last year)


The Venue has a liscenced bar so you can drink while playing and food is availibe also


Tickets go on sale March 1st

Page with sample of last years trophies can be found at



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ok So as it stands my 40 players event is sold out with 42 people ;)

We have room for this (had an overflow for 44) so if anyone is still interested let me know

Team Greenskin nation
Richard Thompson
Dan Needen
Ian Harris
Ryan McKinnon

Team Chop
Peter Davis
Big Pat Crone
Little Pat Carolan
Keiryn Lance Coperal
Liam "I fluked Gottacon" Bath
Ryan Goldstein
Owen "pip" Parsonage
Clark Hartnet
Jordan Ross
Scott Greene
Tom Greenman
Jim Vesal
Nick Clause stp
Andrew Muirhead

Team dimensional cascade
Ryan Munsell
Anthony Greenman
Ricky Fischer
Aidan "defending champion" Rodgers
Matt "the brain" Beasley

Team USA
Bruce Mackay

Team Hammerheads
Darren Thibault
Dustin "Danger"
shayne Mitchell
Ricky Mitchell
Chris Powell
Vern Harper

Team Lambs
Garry Sacco
Sam Scroll

Team Amusement Park
Wyatt Jensen
James Downie
Todd Aspden
Jen Aspden

Team Cocked Dice
Bradley Ingram
Kyle Zimmerman
Arthur Van
Tanner Hill
Marco Elezovic
Vuk Djordjevic

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I noticed there was no posting for Victory or Death 2015. This is the second year for this tournament, organized by Dale Johnson of Chumphammer fame. It's in North Vancouver on May 2nd and 3rd and uses the US Masters comp and FAQ (2500 points, Swedish comp, etc.) Prize support is great, and the event is pretty much sold out but I think there were one or two tickets still left in case anyone wants to make the trip.


For full details see the Chumphammer site.

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yea the canadians said at spdm they had 1 spot left due to a drop.  i cant pull off 3 events in ~months span or id definitely go.  the guys from the north are hilarious and im sure it will be a good and rowdy time so someone with a free weekend should snag this up!  ill be trying to make an event in vancouver next year... 

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