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Sunday! Brawl like a Sheep!


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I'm in.  If no one minds I will bring some random end times skaven stuff.  I'm still working on a possible list and would like to test out a few units.


Because of this, my list will likely be soft, yet annoying as hell.

want to test the filthy rats against dwarfs?  i could make a softer dwarf list if you want some more shenanigans on both sides :) ... my brawl list is a pretty strong 13

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I got a 20.8 wood elf list. Really trying to make a combaty list (with some archers of course) work. Looks so fun to play. I'm eager to try out new lores. How should I buff my Wildwood Rangers? Beasts is the easy bet, but what about a dark mage in there giving them that +1 to strength? Or a metal wizard, there's some buffs in there and a lot of other useful spells as well. High magic is always great, the counters, buffs, and signatures could be fun. And then there's life, which I love. I guess I should give Shadow more of a chance, apparently that's what I'm supposed to run as a WE player.

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I hope Sherman can't play for 3 years.  I hate the douche waffle!

That maybe the first time I have heard that phrase......


I was thinking, the NFL is designed to make teams mediocre. Teams can only have a limited amount of players. This keeps teams from stock piling players when players become injured over the lengthening seasons. There is a salary cap to keep talent from being pooled in one place.


The NFL shedules teams so good teams play good teams and bad teams play bad teams.


The draft prevents good teams from ever receiving and early pick.


I have no idea how some teams like New England stays at the top over the past decade.

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I got ya Eric.  I just don't like Sherman and hope the Brady abuses him during the Super Bowl.  I love watching Lynch though....oh boy can he run good.  It was basically the comment that Sherman made about Crabtree last year.  That was ridiculous and I lost respect for him after that statement.


Plus, being a Raider....I still have a little bit of hate for the Sea Chickens.

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