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Total War: Warhammer?


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Actually they announced having the license from GW a couple years ago if I rem correctly,at that time they said they would have games in the works by 2014 but yet nothing has popped up of course.I think I touched on this in a past post here.


Anyhow with the final outcome of the big End Times changes being known soon it makes sense that GW held them back from any new projects up to this point.


Also there has been a long running community mod known as "Warhammer, Total War" and actually is pretty easy to get up and running with now.I believe it uses Rome Total war...anyhow its been much improved over the years but I still find it too "Ancient warfare like" and not really immersive enough to keep me interested.For anyonw interested just hit up the Total war.com site and it should have a full forum room for it and its development.


Either way im VERY stoked to see some pro coded games about Warhammer from the TW Studios!

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