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Ordo 40k Escalation League - Standings


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We had a great turnout at the first Escalation League night.  Here are the current first week standings.  **Note, as I will be posting in another thread, I'm going to allow people to do a make-up game at WOW Sunday nights.  So you still can get a game in this week.**



Chappy                    17

NathanVoodoo        16

WarlordGhrom         14

Andozane                16

Kris E.                      11

AgentP                     10 (didn't get a game in, but yay painting points!)

Dark Trainer               9

SteelAngel                 9

Rcnjack                     9

BroG                          8

Evil_Bryan                 8

Raze                          7

Casiarius                   5

ScottShoemaker       3

Rhuntar                     3

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During Turn 7, the Heldrake flamed the remaining members of a platoon squad and the lone fleeing veteran off the table. The plague marines closing in on Yarrick failed to do any wounds, but was able to get a couple of flame hits on the last two members of the blob squad which Yarrick detached from. They lost one man, failed their test and ran off the board. I was able to score the "kill three units in the shooting phase" objective for 3 points (yay D3) and both of my other cards to gain 5 points and close the points gap.

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Had an great game with Andozane as well!


Another very close game with my AM/SW coming up a bit short.They caused some carnage though and refused to be routed off the table.


Very interesting to see my first game against Daemons.


Thanx for working with me Mike,I hadn't played in months and wasn't sure how much I would remember about the rules,hehe...Though I must say that my experience in playing fantasy since last fall has really helped me have more confidence in my play of 40k as well as fantasy:)

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