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Meeting Minutes: January 13th, 1st Quarterly Meeting

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In attendance (there were a lot of people so tell me if I missed you): Kevin, Kacey, Derek, Nathan, Duncan, Jim, Jim, Brad, Joey, Mike, Loren, Corey, Miles, Casey, Rus, Keisha, Zach, Shaun,Eli, Tylre, Josh



6:08 Shae is applauded but Kevin withdraws it with his presidential power. Foreshadowing in the look that Shae darts at Kevin.


6:09 Kevin present Vice President Outline 

            -Organize club members for events

            -feedback to event organizers to improve event quality

            -update Facebook

            -complete the holiest of holies….the Golden Mile, praise be its name

            -A mediator (Added later)


6:10 Some discussion on the Vice President being a Mediator

-VOTE: 19-0-1 (Corey abstaining) Mediation is added toas an amendment to the VP’s role list  However it is dully noted that all amendments are now null in 9th and can only come into fruition iff loating bubbles of law collide.

6:12 VOTE: 20-1-0 COREY VOTED YES!!! Approval of VP as a leadership position

                -Shae is still banished

- Eli coos and cass at the melodies of Kevins voice from the safe arms of Shaun as the meeting continues                


6:13 Joes volunteers for the new role of VP

                -He campaigns on a platform of wanting to go to Mugu 1-2/month

                -Increased communication between clubs

                -Shae attempts to add world peace but that is obviously ignored


6:15 VOTE: 19-1-1 (Corey doing his thing, Duncan spitting rage voted no) Joey to be VP


6:16 Jim belittles Kaceys job as treasurer but quakes in his boots as Kacey wields his $300 power

-Some accusations of Kacey using the money to buy beer, but people are mostly in favor of it usage that way


6:17 VOTE: 17-2-1 (Corey abstains, Nathan and Jim no) Kacey is once again Treasurer


6:18 Kevin ask for presidential volunteers and is met by Eli’s cooing among a silent room


6:19 Kevin recites the Presidential job description with religious passion, pulling everyone raptly to attention


6:20 Zach is nearly pressed ganged into presidential office


6:21 Shae, seeing his chance is nigh to dethrone Kevin in revenge, kindly volunteers

                VOTE: 19-1-0 (Brad and Nathan vote no however Nathan changes his vote) Shae is President


6:22 Eli attempts to remind people of his volunteering previously but even by babbling incoherently and waving his arms as he is lifted into the air by Shaun….he is ignored.


6:23 In an inaugural speech Shae mentions he wants to expand (the club, not himself mind you)


6:24 Kevin passes the torch and some tongue to the new president Shae

                -Meeting is adjorned

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