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LF: older Dark Eldar … army building


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My son wants to try out 40k… and I have about 1200 points of old DE stuff - mostly wyches - and a couple NIB older Ravegers/Raiders.  


After going over things with him - he may want to do some other army rather than DE.  But I have been thinking I could set this DE army up as an army that could be used at maybe 1450, 1850 - or even 2k.  He is eager to learn - and currently likes the look of the older DE.  I explained that DE probably isn't the best learning list… and tried to steer him towards marines.  He does like the grey knights - but as far as just learning and practicing painting - I figured it would be ok to have him mess around this with older DE stuff I had.  I have been working hard on setting up my garage for garage hammer - and several of my nephews are also interested in wargaming.  In the end - I will have a playable learning army for others to try out 40k that isn't my normal Eldar stuff.  Long term I will probably put together a simple marine army as well.


So on the cheap I am trying to fill out the rest of the army - so we can build a simple stand alone older DE list.  I am looking to pick up warriors - raiders… reavers mostly.  But if you have some unused DE stuff that you would like to get rid of let me know.  



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