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16 Teams confirmed for OFCC 2015 WFB Team Event - NOW TAKING WAITING LIST TEAMS

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If the event's 16 slots fill up. 

Please continue to submit requests to register when you have 4 team members.

People drop and I would like to be able to include anyone that sent in their team early.

We will also look at ways to expand the number of teams if we have a large amount of requests but for now we're sticking with 16.

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How do you sign up for the open? I don't know John Kersey's forum handle.


John Kersey is an enigmatic character.  His background is shrouded in mystery.  People who have seen him say he is a sexy mother[big bad swear word]er who's good looks are only exceeded by his dazzling intellect and razor sharp wit.  John Kersey really is an amazing individual.  If only someone knew his Ordo handle.


If only...




























(it's me)

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yea if not many people sign up for the open(or if those that do, express more interest in team event), im sure john will probably just amend it to allow more teams.  so keep signing up guys!  didnt we have something like ~20ish last year for teams?

Well last years venue, besides being noisy with bathrooms across the way, was pretty large. So it really depends on how many tables can fit and how many Round Base guys show up for 40K.
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