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The End of Times: The End (spoilers)

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I here present the end of the end of times storyline... do not read further unless you want to ruin the surprise:



As the Old World crumbles into fragments Karl Franz looks upon the destruction from a great crag of rocky debris floating into the void of space. As he looks out upon the destruction that was once his world he shouts into the void "Why Sigmar! Why???" Just then, as if in answer to his call the largest remaining fragment of the world shatters as if torn asunder by his words.


"No! Nooooo!!! Karl shouts in vain


"No, No No!" Karl is now thrashing in his opulent bed in his own palace.  He is in a cold sweet as he regains consciousness, looking around confused by the familiar surroundings. "It can't be..." he says weakly, "It was all gone, destroyed... or... or was it just a dream!"



The End.



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