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Codex Necrons


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I read those too on /tg/

But he yelled stuff that was mostly on Faeit212 some week or two ago and ran away without giving a source.


In other news:


via TKoS on Faeit 212

I have your first Necron leak for you.


There will be a few new rules but no new units (And the obligatory 7th Ed “Balance” that we have all come to know and love)


a grand total of 12 hot new formations, ranging from mostly chaff to absolutely broken.


One of the bigger changes is that Cryptexs and Necron Lords now occupy an HQ slot of their own. For every HQ character in your list, you are allowed to take one of the new Cryptex/Lord detachment (ala warlock council) which is between one and five characters each.


The old royal courts we know and love are gone, but are now a formation (Aptly called a Royal Court) consisting of an Overlord, 1+ Cryptexs, and 1+ Lords.

The Overlord may not take a Command Barge, and all the characters are clumped into one unit.

+1 to reanimation protocol (which is not going away or changing) which stacks with a resurrection orb, and some other buffs that I can’t remember, but one had to do with phaerons (Oh, and any phaeron in your detachment MUST be your overlord).

Sounds reliable, but that might be because a lot of info is already known.
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Well since they did a Formation like a week ago (in gamer years) or whatever that has C'Tan shards in it, Im pretty sure they will be shards again.  PRETTY sure.  But who knows.


A guy is sending me a big ol mess of Necrons (just absolutely ironic timing because I was trying to find a way to get value for Magic Cards and the dude I could find to trade with only HAD a Necron army to trade, so voila...  I'm a Necron owner now too, cause it was the best deal I could get).  Bout 4K points I think.  Might also purchase a mess of other Necrons just to complete the army (the other guy has basically everything the first guy didnt have enough of) and give me all the options.

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From Archibald_TK on Warseer 

Re: Necron Rumours Mk.II 
Necrons have a whole new way to build an army! The Decurion. It's both opening a lot of options and restrictive at the same time, as weird as it sounds. You can use it instead of normalFoC if you want. also keep in mind that it's the usual me reading the WD super fast when I have the time so there may be mistakes: 

You basically can chose a base formation that includes all of your basic units. 
It must contain: - 1 Overlord (or Zandrek, Anraky, Trazyn or a Barge), 2 units of Warriors, 1 of Immortal and 1 of Tomb Blades. 
You lose Objectives Secured, Overlord and all units from this formation within 12" reroll 1 to Protocols, and two fluffy but not usually useful rules: Move through Cover and Relentless (in case you really want to charge with your Warriors/Immortals after shooting =/, which is funny because even in the WD they realize it's the only use). 
You can add 6 units of Warriors, 3 of Immortals, 2 Lychguards, 2 Tomb Blades if I remember correctly and 3 Monoliths. 
No reroll on the Warlord table for it, probably because it's not really a normal detachment. 

Once done you can add a Royal court formation: 1 Overlord (same as previously except it can be the Stormlord now), up to 3 Cryptek and up to 3 Lords. 

Then, you can add up to 10 of the available formations, which are all about a theme, in any number if I've read it right, (which I'll be able to confirm later today) so you can go full Destroyer if you want for example: 
- One is 1 Destroyer Lord, 3 units of Destroyer, and can add 1 unit of Heavy Destroyers (Ohhhhhhhhh, they are no longer Destroyer upgrades?). 
- One allow you to add a Nightbringer Shard, Deceiver Shard, ACtan or Vault. (Ohhhhhhhh, they refer to the shards by their name!) 
- One is 2 Annihilation Barge and a Doomsday Ark 
- I think there is one with an Obelisk and 2 Monoliths. 
- One is 1 Spyder, 1 unit of Wraiths, 1 of Scarabs 
- 1 Stalker and 2 Praetorians 
- 1 unit of Deathmarks (yup, just 1 if I remember right) 
- 1 unit of Flayed Ones 
- One is up to 4 Doom Scythes (remember folks, I go from memory so I may be messing up numbers) 
And so on, I have no idea if these formations can be taken outside of the Decurion, as I didn't have enough time to read in detail. Also I'm pretty sure that there are no Night Scythes and Ghost Arks formations, thus they shall still be dedicated transports I suppose. 

Also I do not expect anything else for the Necrons as the end of the WD refer for the following week to "Dance of Death". 

Apparently Necrons are not repackaged? So the same models may have different bases depending if they come from individual boxes or the new battleforce?
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To each their own. I enjoyed the mystery army. I enjoyed how the necrons were like chess pieces of the c'tan. As a chess piece, you could say they were bland, but 40k doesn't really have any bland armies.


I do think they needed a build your own c'tan HQ. They also needed a half dozen c'tan special character HQs.


7th edition is perfect to bring back the c'tan as character LoWs can be your warlord in a CAD.

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To each their own. I enjoyed the mystery army. I enjoyed how the necrons were like chess pieces of the c'tan. As a chess piece, you could say they were bland, but 40k doesn't really have any bland armies.


The thing is, you didn't really lose any of that. The "BEEP BOOP ROBITS" army still had its fluff in the 5E book, and there was still more than a bit of mystery about the C'tan, what their ultimate nature and role was, what exactly happened during the War in Heaven, what the Deceiver was actually up to and whether the C'tan had been "defeated" or not, etc. The only difference was that there was also other fluff allowing for other kinds of armies with a lot more character to them, for people who wanted that.


Also, Tyranids fill the type of army you were describing almost exactly. The only difference between old Necrons and Tyranids was basically one was made of metal and one was made of everything but metal. They were both all-destroying mindless pawns of an intergalactic superconsciousness bent on the total annihilation of all life in the galaxy.

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The new necron fluff is basically thousand sons rubrik marines without psychic powers being involved. Rank and file are shells, while you have leaders retaining their minds.

Also, Tyranids fill the type of army you were describing almost exactly. The only difference between old Necrons and Tyranids was basically one was made of metal and one was made of everything but metal. They were both all-destroying mindless pawns of an intergalactic superconsciousness bent on the total annihilation of all life in the galaxy.

There was certainly a period where this was true. The tyranid fluff has really changed over the years. Now they just devour everything. Modern fluff makes it seem doubtful that tyranids have an intelligent goal, they're just hungry.


On a side note, you mean inorganic vs organic. Tyranids, even in the fluff, contain metal in their bodies. They eat metal, along with all other things.


At one point, there was fluff that the tyranids tendril fleets would avoid necron tomb worlds. I always liked this fluff bit.


I liked the old necrons because it seemed like the c'tan really didn't give a shat about the imperium or any other race. Each c'tan were in a grand game of chess with each other c'tan. Yeah, they attacked imperials from time to time, and they did certainly defend their tomb worlds, but they weren't directly opposed to any faction (though they were certainly opposed to "obstacles"...).


I mean, 40k is basically divided into a few key wars.


The imperial wars:

-The slowly dying imperium that is struggling to kept it's ground it had when the Emperor was [more] alive.

-The chaos taint and battle from within the minds of those of the imperium.

-The horus heresy/imperium civil war and the remnants of each side.


You also have a bunch of semi-neutral elements, which although they don't get along, they aren't directly opposed to the imperium any more than they are any other faction

-Tyranids efforts of consume everything.

-Necron grand chess games (this fluff is changed in the current codex, with necrons being a faction focused on reclaiming their lost empire. In function, this makes them very similar the TAU).

-Eldar hippies doing whatever eldar do....? Been a bit unclear on this point, actually.

-Dark Eldar pirates. Sometimes called "african american eldar" instead.

-Orks, which aren't even allied to themselves. In fluff, orks are often manipulated by other factions.

-Tau Empire expansion.

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Via Warseer: 

A few more info after a better reading. And keep in mind I translate things so in the English version of the WD things may sound different, so please don't go berserk if after I say "Dance of Death" it's in reality Death Dance, Deadly Dance, Mortal Tango or Fatal Dubsteb in your WD

Regarding the Decurion, I find the way it works for some of these formations not that clear. Formations are presented in boxes linked by lines. You can take 1 to 10 of the optional formations, and since there are only 9 total it's obvious you can take some more than one. But the way it's presented I'm actually wondering if you can take anything you want multiple time, or only the first three ones (which are the Destroyers, Praetorian and the Canoptek one). In a way it makes sense to not spam things like Trans Ctans or Obelisk, but in another it makes no sense to be limited to a single Deathmark unit yet spam things like Praetorians... WD, why you no clear? 

Also WD refers to the Decurion itself as giving bonuses to the units composing it in addition to what the Formations do, but I never managed to find these bonuses listed anywhere. 

Some precisions: 
- I previously said the Canoptek formation includes 1 Spyder, but later in a pic it shows said formation with 1 UNIT of Spyders. So I don't know which page is right. 
- I said the Praetorian formation included a Stalker, but actually after rereading it it's an UNIT of Stalkers. 
- Heavy Destroyers are indeed their one unit now. 
- Deathmarks and Flayed are indeed only 1 unit. 
- Dommscythes are 2 to 4. 
- Royal court MUST include at least one Lord and one Cryptek. 
- Obyron can replace a Lord. 
- Illuminator and Orikan can replace a Cryptek. 

Regarding the CTans, WD seems to really make a difference between Shards of the Deceiver, Nightbringer, Trans CTan and the Vault. This is how their power work: 
- During the shooting phase, chose an enemy unit. 
- Roll a D6 or pick a card to determine the attack it suffers. 
- The randomness represents the CTan basically doing whatever he wants when released on a battlefield. 
- Each attack comes in 2 Flavors. 
- The first one, supposedly already devastating, is used by the two shards and the Trans CTan. 
- The second one, that appears to be the powerful Apocalypse effect, is for the Vault.
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