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The first week of the escalation league was a big hit.  We had 16 players and 2 observers, for a huge game night turn out.  And I think more people will be playing this Sunday.  Excellent!


I'm using the league to both get some games in with my Tyranids, as well as finishing painting my Tau.   For this week, I'l painting up two zoanthropes to complete my unit of 3.  I'm also starting work on the Mawloc.


For the coming 1100 point game I'm going to focus on units I rarely use, to see how they do.  I'll be running the following:


Hive Tyrant, TLBL Dev, Electro Grubs      240

23 Termagants (10 Dev)                           132

3 Rippers (DS)                                           45                          

2 Zoanthropes + 1 Neuro                         175

1 Malanthrope                                            85

Living Artillery Formation:                        420

      3 Warriors (1 VC)

      3 Biovores

      1 Exocrine

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