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H: TK, Lizards, Orks W: WM/H, PP, WHFB, Xwing


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I  have the following TK stuff for trade. I got it wanting to play them but it's just too much of a project given my time available right now. I would consider a CoC offer for the TK or Lizards. For the Orks I would consider army offers of Dwarves or Dark Elves. 


TK: Things that aren't NiB or NoS are mostly assembled and primed white. 


40x tomb guard nib

8x skeleton horseman NoS

a blister of banner men

Khalid High Priestess

80x skeletons with hand weapon and shield (30x painted)

60x skeletons with bow

13x chariots (3x NoS)

6x ushabti with great weapons

6x sepulchre stalkers 

3x scorpions was going to use the knights from stalkers to make necropolis knights (1x painted)

Casket of souls (partially painted)

Prince apophas NIB

2x tomb priests 

2x tomb kings 1 converted with a different weapon

1x War sphinx also have the upper body bits from necro sphinx was going to use them for a hiero


Total Retail is $1139 I would do $700 shipped. I would consider a mix of Xwing and cash for this lot as well.


For Lizardmen I have Haves:


Saurus Scar Vet (Painted)


Carnosaur (Painted)


4x Swarms


15x Cold One Knights (10x painted 3x Commands)


30x Saurus mix of spears and hand weapons


28x Skinks mix of javelins and blow guns and lots of bows (older models)


4x Chameleon Skins 


It retails for $360. Will sell for $150 shipped. I reduced the value due to the fact that cold ones, saurus and skins are all over the place and have less value.


For Orks I have



(1) Orc Warboss on Wyvern(Painted):$69

(1) Orc warboss on foot(painted):$30

(1) Orc Warboss on Boar(painted):$30

(1) Grimgor Ironhide(painted):$20

(1) Orc Great Shaman(painted):$16

(1) Savage Orc Shaman(painted):$14

(9) Orc Boar Boys w/command(painted):$60

(10) Goblin Wolf Riders(painted):$35

(15) Orc Boys w/Spear.shield w/command(painted):$45

(1) Black Orc on Boar(painted):$30

(35) Metal Black Orcs w/command(Limited edition standard)(painted):$150

(31) Orc Arrer Boys(painted):$200

(55) Orc Boys w/additional Hand Weapon,Comman(painted):$180

(4) Spear Chukkas(painted):$120

(4) Orc Boar Chariot (2 painted):$120

(11) Arrer Boys NOS:$80

(9) Orc Boys W/spears(Partially painted):$30

(12) Orc Boys W/spears, and shield(unpainted):$30

(9) Orc Boys(unfinshed):$30

(8) Stone Trolls(painted):$184

(1) Giant(Custom)(painted):$54 

(9) Shield Sprews

(1) Army Book:$45

(2) Rock Lobba: $80

(1) Doom Diver: $40


Total : $1667


Paypal would take $1000 shipped.

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