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Game Night at WOW. Tuesday, 20 January.


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Oh yeeeeeeah!

Come on down to the SLAUGHTER! Bring your 1100 point lists to Bronson's Tuesday League Night Cavelcade of CARNAGE!!! Club house will open at 4:00pm if I am the first one there. Show up, bring food, play a round, and then enjoy your friend's demise at the hands of his (or her) opponent! Either way, it'll be a blast.


And a friendly reminder for those of you that are still newer, remember your game night dues. And bring small bills. We can't make change for your $20.00 all the time.

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I had a good time playing my first game at the club yesterday and even though I showed up late you guys still got me a game.


Special thanks goes to Chappy for taking the time to wipe my entire Dark Angel army off the board with his Grey Knights....haha!

I am always here to help. Thanks for the game bro. You'll have your revenge. It's what Dark Angels do.
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