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Master of the Forge with two pistols?


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A bit weird.


Current rules allow firing two pistols in the shooting phase if you have two equipped. Servo harness allows firing both servo weapons, or one weapon and one normal weapon.


If I give my master of the forge (with servo harness) a second pistol, can he fire 1 servo weapon and both pistols, or his he still limited to 1 weapon and the servo weapon?

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Are you planning on building/running this model? Or is this another rhetorical question? 

Not rhetorical, as I am asking for an answer. Not sure if I intend to use it, though.



Both the Servo-Harness and Gunslinger rules allow you to fire two weapons; that is distinct from being able to fire an additional weapon. You would have to choose which rule you wanted to apply, as you couldn't use both at once.

That's what I thought, thanks.

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