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M2E Beta Wave 3


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Well, we were expecting to finally see Avatars, which are there, but only for "Campaign Play" not Competitive play. Also... There is a campaign system, which I assume will make up the rules section of the next book. Then there are 5 new models per faction.


They have also announced that model-wise they will only be creating a "avatar base"  per faction to represent when you go into avatar mode (instead of designing 39 avatar models at $50-75 each).


So in short, Avatars got cut to scenario based options with no model of their own instead of balanced into the main game with a giant cool centerpiece model.


Honestly I am surprised, bit not overly bothered by it. But I think a lot of people will be.

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The new rules look pretty awesome, though.

I have mixed feelings on the Emissaries/Avatars... It's odd cause I never really "loved" avatars... but the "Meh, we'll go a different way" is still disappointing. I can't even place a finger on why.


I actually really like the new Emissary rules... Just not sure I like the abandoning of the Avatar concept.

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I like some of the new models, will likely get more than a few. I really like the idea of the campaign system, not too sure how it plays yet as I haven't been able to play much. As for avatars I can totally understand and appreciate their reasons for the change, and while I really liked the old 1.5 way they worked, the only thing that makes me shake my head over avatars in M2e is that they rushed the Manifest rules into the first M2e core rulebook two years ago and now they have decided to go a different route (and its not as if anyone needed the manifest rules these past two years...). ;)

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Having not played with any of the new models or rules and only  quick read of the rules and Justin's post about em. I'm a bit torn I liked the idea of using upgrade cards specific for each master though they should have been priced higher in almost all cases. The new single manifestation is ok but will likely benefit some masters more and were right back where we started.


I like the new additions especially more mounted models this is at least a partial western themed game and it nice to finally see horses. Now if we can get some coaches or something similar like the one Collette was abducted in. Perhaps in campaign play.


anyway, its still early in the process well early in the refocused process to tell one way or another.

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