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OFCC Challenge Round

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Only one challenge round (round 1) this year and the first one has been issued and accepted!


Shop of Chop does indeed have the stones to pick up the gauntlet thrown down by DMBZ: Nut Punch.  


It's on, boyz!  Issue and/or accept your first round challenges here:



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Challenge Round will be removed in the next rules pack revision in order to provide an opportunity for the Grudge Match events on Friday where a team may challenge up to 3 other teams in a single day event.

This was decided at the last Senate meeting on 1/17 provided there is enough interest in doing so from all the players to come down Friday.  As soon as I have Thanquol in hand, I'll have an updated Rules packet for Team and Open events as well as Battle Scenarios.


I know many of you love the challenges but we would like to make an entire one day event to battle it out, think of it as a "Book of Grudges" for Fantasy or a "Litanies of Hate" for 40k.  Themed events like I know right?

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Alright you filthy animals.


This is an event for the community and as a result your input is valuable.  Enough of you managed to voice concerns via posting, private messages, emails and other social media applications enough for me to recant my statement about the first challenge round being removed.


Challenges, first round.  Back in!




I just request you wait to issue challenges until we have 16 paid teams and are able to begin our expansion to 20-28 teams if necessary.  Ticket's go on sale soon.

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