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Can a heavy tank go cruising speed? I can't remember if they can only go 6 inches

Heavy tank 6" combat speed only. Can't move flat out.

That is correct, but, hilariously, super heavy vehicles have no such restriction. 

Super heavy tank is a 12" combat speed. Can't move flat out either.

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OK, yes, that is more accurate.  I guess my point was that it can move 12" rather than just 6" even though it is much heavier.  Makes no sense.

I think the idea with the super heavy models is that some are too large to be able to enter from reserves without a 12" move. I think it's more about game mechanics and less about fluff.

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Not sure where you're reading that.  And I quote:



To perform a Tank Shock, first, turn the vehicle on the spot to face the direction you intend to move it and, after pre-measuring, declare how many inches the vehicle is going to move, up to it's maximum speed.  The vehicle must move at least Combat Speed.  

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