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Neverborn Lucius


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I'm thinking of bringing Lucius as a dirty Neverborn to the Malifaux GT in Portland, and am trying to figure out what to bring with him.


Beckoner for certain, and I've got a couple other ideas for support units, but am stuck on a good beatstick for him. There aren't any really obvious choices which also have synergy.


Any thoughts?

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Yeah, the Doppelganger is pretty close to an auto-include for me. I love her as a scheme runner with Pandora because she gets access to "Misery Loves Company" from the Sorrows and can drop scheme markers while engaged, and then pop out of CC somewhere else.


Plus, cheating initiative is the win.


I'll have to look into the Hooded Rider a little closer. I'm waiting for his plastic at the moment, so might need a proxy.

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