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Look what the robots made me!

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router, I don't have a laser robot at least not yet.


for anyone interested I could make these for about $8 (Warhamster price). there will be a little lead time as I need to get more material. so guys let me know and I'll make a batch.


I'll take 5.


Actually, wait -- what size are the holes?  I need them sized for dropper bottles, like Reaper Master Series, ArmyPainter WarPaints, and Vallejo Color.  Not for GW pots.

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So I ordered materials, they are on the way. (Enough to do 25 trays)

I have a few small tweaks to make before I start doing batch production. I will post letting people know when I have stock.


I can also, do different sizes/configurations if enough people want them.


other things in the works are Warhammer skirmish trays (I haven't forgotten Kevin), and round trays (looking at you Joey), and X-wing tokens (though admittedly those are still a bit out).


I am also willing to do custom work when I have time available.

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