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Bellingham Warhamsters Game Night 1/27/15


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Well I am "battling" Brad in a game of who can be the least most confused at Heavy gear....but he said he might not be able too so I could demo FoW with Jim.


Did I?  I'm still down for Heavy Gear, as far as I know.


No night fighting in the middle of a fog storm this time, though.

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Eli, this army building vexes me.  This should come as no surprise.  I swear to god this book was written by throwing darts at a word processor.  I have in the last hour run across a unit card for a unit that does not seem to exist via upgrade purchase, and an upgrade purchase for which there is no unit card.  Both of which I have models for.


Why?  Why Is this so bad?  It's killing me.

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Good luck Russ and Keisha, I hope everything goes well. Kevin if there is room I could play, unless there is someone else I am supposed to be playing? Anyone? Speak now up now or forever hold your peace. No takers? Ok Kevin I am eligilble to play. However if it is you, Nathaniel, and Loren then the new update would put me in contention for the fourth player....thus making Named Person unstoppable. First world problems, I guess.

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