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Possible OFCC Tyranid List


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So, I'm defecting from fantasy this year to play in 40k at the OFCC.  I'll be bringing my tyranids.  Now, being OFCC I'm going to leave the harder stuff at home, so no multiple flying tyrants, no barbed hierodule.  I wanted a real take-all-comers friendly list that played in all phases of the game, showcases a wide range of tyranid figures, and gives a more unusual game to the opponent.  The ability to take multiple formations, plus the 2000 pt level helped a lot.  Here is what I am thinking.  I welcome feedback, especially about whether this would be a fun list to play against.



WARLORD - Hive Tyrant, Wings, TLBL Dev, Electro Grubs

10 Termagants w/ Devs

10 Hormagants

1 Venomthrope

2 Zoanthropes + 1 Neurothrope

1 Mawloc

1 Toxicrene

1 Tyrannocyte



3 Biovores

1 Exocrine

3 Warriors (1 w/ VC)



3 Sporemines

3 Sporemines

3 Sporemines

1 Mucolid Spore

1 Mucolid Spore

1 Mucolid Spore



Children of Cryptus

Phodian Hive Warriors

Beast of Phodia


So what does all this mean in terms of play?  Well, the Phoedian Swam is a close combat focused detachment, based around the special Cryptus broodlord.  By fielding the entire detachment, the broodlord and his retinue of genestealers will infiltrate and have stealth and shrouded, plus preferred enemy.  So some early game pressure.


The Sporefield captures the never-ending nature of Nids.  With that formation each time one of the mines or spores is killed, on a 4+ it comes back.  Should be fun.


The Living Artillery Node will give me some long range threat


The CAD has a mix of things.  A flappy-flappy annoying tyrant, some misc objective secured campers, a drop pod for some random fun, some warp charge generators for a viable psychic phase, and the deep striking worm of doom.


Overall, I think the list would play in both back, mid, and front fields of the board.  It has shooting, close combat, psychic, and enough units to do some objective contesting.  Is it the strongest list, oh hell no, not even close.  But that's not really the point of OFCC.  I want a list that offers a challenge and isn't steamrolled, but also isn't super hard, something a little different and not cookie-cutter and always seen, something visually appealing, and something that offers a fun and interesting game for both sides.


Anyway, feedback appreciated.

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The Children of Cryptus only get Preferred Enemy if the Spawn of Cryptus is your Warlord, unfortunately. The full Formation does also give Stealth to the Warriors and Beast, tho, which is cool.


This list seems a bit light on Synapse to use Hormies as Objective Campers. They've got a nasty habit of eating each other and then breaking and running away. Maybe swap out for another Brood of Termies, and then shuffle around a bit, so you've got two Broods of 10, each with 6 Devs and 4 ablative bugs.


Overall, I think it could work for OFCC. I'd probably rate it a 1 myself.

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Thanks for the feedback.  The spawn of cryptus doesn't need to be the warlord if you field the whole formation (be he would be, if you only fielded the Children).  The formation itself has the special rule:


"Unnatural Intelligence:  While the Spawn of Cryptus is alive, all units in this Formation have the Preferred Enemy special rule"

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