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The spouse and I enjoy playing warmahordes together.  Trolls are one faction that is really enjoyed for their looks and play style.  What is another faction that pairs well with this faction?  Keeping in mind we are not looking to crush one another but to be able to enjoy games that are challenging where either one of us can win.  I like the looks of Legion and Cryx but am concerned with their reputation for being someone strong with alpha strikes.  Does this lead to short games?  Are games one sided or can there be some back and forth?

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Cryx and Legion do indeed have very strong alpha strikes and are often, rightfully so, considered "noob stompers." That isn't to say that either is more powerful than the other factions in Warmachine, but they do lend themselves to taking down newer players.


Personally, I'd say any faction pairs well with any other and the only one I'd steer clear of in the beginning would be Minions (they're just not supported enough and are still building away from a rather poor start). If you do end up going Legion or Cryx there are some quick things to make sure you're not loading up on to make the first few games a little less "wtf are we doing." For Legion, it's pretty simple: stick to melee casters/beasts. A lot of the faction's alpha potential comes from a mixture of deadly spell slinging and even deadlier shooting. This isn't to say that you're actually doing anything to hurt yourself as pretty much everything in Legion is great, but you're more likely to have longer games by keeping your boostable ranged options minimal.


With Cryx it's more of a select units can cause problems sort of thing. Steer clear of casters like the Deneghras or eGaspy and you're much more likely to find your opponent more engaged in the game. This is mostly because Cryx has excellent control and, while a lot of players like that sort of thing, not feeling like you're allowed to play the game you're trying to learn can be a poor play experience.


In the end it's a good thing that trolls are so high on your list of likes because one of their major assets is the tenacity of their lists. Their casters are almost universally hard to assassinate and their board presence hard to squelch. Even if you do choose to ignore the advice I gave you (for example because the Cryx battlebox comes with pDeneghra) trolls are likely to be able to take whatever comes there way and still feel engaged in the game.

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I agree with Kremmet. Any faction can have fun games against any other in a casual environment. If a certain model is causing issues for you or your spouse you can easily agree to not use that caster/beast/whatever until a later time. Also, if you are not doing it, I highly recommend using the scenarios from the Steamroller packet.


Edit: I have heard grumblings from Troll players that they struggle playing against Cryx. But, Trolls have evolved a lot as a faction with the last few books and because of that I do not think the Cryx match up is as bad for them as it once was.

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There is absolutely zero restrictions on painting theme of your models.


Mecha feel to units and solos would be convergence of Cyriss.


There isn't really "unit slots" in this game though. You can play all Jacks or a single jack. And all units/solos

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