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The Fall of Warlords- Apocalypse

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Commander Eurel idly contemplated the luck in finding a uniform still clean and untouched in his state room, still sealed in its capsule as if the past few weeks had never existed. He had barley arrived at his command post and was already sweating profusely. Those dammed xenos had blown holes in the Hive Cities exoskeleton, compromising the controlled atmosphere with the arid polluted air outside. The damn dust had already given a light coat on his pristine black uniform. The slow rumbling of an engine snapped him out of his day dreaming in time to notice the remaining elements of his regiments Lemun Russes rumble into the battle line.

Leaning against the moss covered balcony he could survey the entirety of his remaining men. If it had been another time he might have found it amusing, the sight of hard eyed guardsmen manning a heavy bolter inside a bed of lilac and tank tracks through manicured shrubberies. The last place he had expected to fight when they arrived on this mining hell hole was in the luxurious gardens of the Imperial Governor but now he was. Battle after bloody battle they had been pushed back by these Xenos hordes. Even the towering walls and battlements bristling with firepower had but slowed the tide.

Almost on queue with his train of thought the vox crackled alive spitting forth early warning signs of an assault from the forward observing servo skulls. Before him the perfectly manicured grass sprang alive in a swarm of gibbering bugs swarming between the legs of monsters the size of tanks bellowing challenges into the sky. To answer their call the earth shook as Imperial artillery answered the challenge with high explosive shells that blew massive gaps in the swarming ranks. But this time the ground did not stop shaking as the crews reloaded, and the world exploded.


Flaming burning metal comets plummeted from the sky, blowing holes in the blanket of xenos sky swarms. Metal screeched as they went through the Hive Cities exoskeleton like knives through butter to land in the confusion below crushing worthless bugs. Inside, it was the picture of serenity. Brother Samaals helmet’s audio feed strained out all the strange audio from outside, leaving the only sound on the ride down his own thoughts. Then there was light, blast doors slamming down his bolter was already spitting death before he stepped onto the broken ground beside his brothers. Their bodies a wall of hardened carapace as they cut swaths in the swarm.

It was easy to see why men called them angels of death, as he witnessed another drop pod land beside theirs and the destruction which spread from his brother’s arrival. They were not here to slay meaningless minions, they had come hunting bigger prey. Charging from the shroud of bodies and air clogging spores came their adversary. The mind behind every attack, its arms ending in wicked swords of bone it brushed aside Marines, their power armor cleaved like a hot knife through butter, it came barreling towards its doom. In the form of Commander Lysander.


Brushing dust rubble Commander Eurel rose to his knees and upholstered his bolt pistol, in the space of moments the entire battle field had changed. Enormous snakelike monsters had erupted from the ground everywhere, throwing everything into confusion. It was every man for itself in a bitter swirl of melee, and now? What looked like more Adeptus Astares were raining from the sky? All that had been laid out has been town into chaos. Maybe he could salvage what was left of the battle. Pulling himself to his feet and screaming out orders above the din of explosions, he rose to meet his death like a man, head on, screaming defiance as he emptied his clip.



Psychic energy crackled and lightening arched through the sky as bonesword and stormshield collided in showers of sparks. In the eye of the storm two titans collided, one of chaos and destruction embodied in alien carapace and unnatural intelligence the other a bastion of humanity clad in ancient armor. While a thin line of grey and yellow fought and died with sword and bolter to hold back the swarm from reaching the two combatants as they traded blows that could fell a normal marine. On a mountain of bodies, in a hail of fire did the Imperium triumph over the hive mind, and with a single blow did Lysander Vanquisher of the Heretics of Iduno, survivor of the Iron Warriors did slay the Swarmlord.


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