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Ordo 40k Escalation - Week 4


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Escalation League Week 4


Come join us for week four of the escalation league.  You can join at any time, so no worries if you missed a previous week.  Newcomers and veterans welcome.



This week we're at 1300 pts on 6x4 tables.  We'll be playing the Maelstrom Mission #5: Cloak and Shadows.  In this mission, you keep your tactical objective cards secret from your opponent.  Also, your first turn WILL be night fighting, no need to roll, and you MUST use the mysterious objective rules.


Special Objectives for the Week


Secret Orders

Continuing the Cloak and Shadows secrecy theme, at the start of the game, before armies are deployed, secretly choose one special league objective from the list below.  Write it on a piece of paper, but keep it to yourself.  If you complete this objective, show the paper to your opponent and award yourself +3 league points

[    ]  SWARM IT!:  Destroy a vehicle through assault

[    ]  TO GROUND:  Pin an enemy unit

[    ]  STAY BACK!:  Cause a failed charge after inflicting at least 1 overwatch casualty

[    ]  ZAP:  Destroy at least one enemy model through witchfire, or focused witchfire

[    ]  UNSCATHED:  Have an enemy unit, or vehicle end the game completely unscathed, no wounds or hull points inflicted.

[    ]  ALL YOUR BASE:  Have an objective contestable unit (i.e., flyers must be in hover, and FMC in glide), in the enemy's deployment for three consecutive turns.


The Mascot

Select a model, do not tell your opponent.  It can be any model in your army, but it cannot start the game in reserve.  You must be able to identify it, so if you pick a grunt, you must be able to accurately identify that particular guardsman out of his unit.  Write the description of that model on a piece of paper.  If that model survives the game, you get +3 league points.  If your opponent kills that model, your opponent gets +3 league points.  You must show the piece of paper identifying the model to your opponent at the end of the game.



Win the mission +4 league points

Tie +3 league points

Loss +2 league points


PAINTING LEAGUE POINTS - Painting points are awarded for models that are painted to a three-color minimum and based.  Max 10 points.

Models you've painted since last week:

+1 per infantry model

+2 per bike base model

+3 per 40mm-50mm based models

+5 per vehicle, flyer, or 100mm base models



Did you bring food for the group?  +2 points

Was it homemade? Bonus +1



In the week prior to the match did you post on Ordo or blog about your army?  +1 point

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