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1750 demon list


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Going to an event in a few weeks. It is 1750 points.

Here is the list I put together


Herald of Khorne

Exalted gift




Skull taker



3 crushers

Banner of blood


3 crushers

Blood reaper

Lesser reward


10 bloodletters


10 bloodletters


Giant spawn




Basically run forward and punch face. Thoughts?


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This is for a tournament? Does it have to be all khorne?


If so, replace the crushers with hounds. Crushers are terrible.


Replace skulltaker with a second herald on juggy. They are better point for point. Give both heralds exalted locus of wrath. You can either give them both exalted rewards (grim+portal) or give one an exalted and the other a lesser to ID things like wraithknights.


Get more hounds for dropping the giant spawn.


This list can be made infinitely better if you can break the mono-khorne. He's really the hardest god to make a good mono-list with.

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It doesn't have to be all khorne but if I wanted to win I would play eldar. All one God is cool and makes me happy. I don't own any hounds so they are a no go. I just remember taking out 10 hounds with a squad of grots in January 2014. Sure I got lucky with shots but they still died. I like killing what I swing at. So crushers are a better fit for me. Skull takers killing blow removes no eternal warrior multi wound big guys. I have good luck with him. I just see this list winning 3 games out of 5 and I took all khorne and didn't have to rely on bulldookie to win. Plus it is simple and I can drink a lot and still play. The other option is kill a squad of crushers and skull taker and add a thirster.

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Axe of khorne (lesser gift) also insta kills on a 6. Khorne herald with locus of wrath and a lesser gift is cheaper, buffs his unit better, and is ap2.


I'm here to tell you that you 3x crushers, champ upgrade and a lesser gift (150pts for 9 t4 wounds) is certainly not as durable as 10 hounds (160pts for 20 t4 wounds). I would run 13-15 minimum tho.


Chaos hounds are actually decently priced (even from gw) and make great flesh hounds.


They will also kill more than the crushers. Especially with the buffing heralds.


Frankly, you cannot make a good khorne list without hounds. Well, as good as a khorne list can be. Not dissing your list, just giving ya advice.

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