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Considering selling my Necrons


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This is just an interest gauge, I have a rather large collection of Necrons.  IIRC.....


Many of the characters

Old Pariahs, OOP models, that I use for lords and cryptechs, which is cool because they are unique and still have the necron look to them





15 ish Flayed ones


100 ish Warriors

20 Immortals


3 Nightscythes/Doomscythes


3 Monolyths


3 Anni barges


MANY destroyers


Many spiders


Many scarab swarms


6 Wraiths


PM or post if interested, I have an idea on price


oh, it's mostly painted as well, which....is very odd for me

also, I'm really on the fence on this, just know that, thus no price yet

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