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Mugu games Bolt Action tourney thanks to all


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I wanted to thank some people that helped me out a great deal with the Bolt Action tourney yesterday. We have a very well attended event 16 players showed up!
Now lets get back to the thanking of people. First off on Friday night before the tourney Chris Bob Nicholas and Pete Helped set up terrain. This is a big help and makes my life so much easier.

Ty helped me judge armies for historical accuracy this was extremely hard because there were some many that were so close and he had to rank them in order so this made tiny details really important. Ty had make some really hard decisions. I am not qualified to do this type of judging and this was a gigantic help to me. I could not have done it with out you not even a little you are the man thank you Ty!

I wanted to thank my Brother Michael for playing my event 40k is his love he just tolerates Bolt Action but my brother as he does for all tourneys provided refreshments for the event and that is super awesome!

I also wanted to thank Mike the owner of MuGu games and Brady Mike has had a really hard time with Warlord games doing what they say they will. They have been pledging prize support for our events and not delivering. Mike has stepped up and covered this deficit thank you Mike! Brady ran the store today and helped me out a bunch can't thank you enough.

One more round of thanks After the event Chris put all the terrain away saved me like an hour and half of work after a long day Thank you so much! Also to all the new players at this event we love you, and we love new people to play! You made this event successful. Abraham, Tim, Keegan , Nicholas , and Joey 
Thanks to all that Traveled to the event David and Brad that came all the way from Spokane Joey that came down from Bellingham Justin from south Seattle and Alex who came from Renton.

Now lets get to the winners!
Best Allied player David US
Best Axis player Travis Germans
Best minor power Bob Romanians 
Best Painted Justin Germans
Best Hanowsawg Kevin Finns

Some Honorable mentions here Pete won 3 games but didn't win the event because of tie breakers he played great and had a brutal list great job Pete!
Joey has played like 3 games of BA before this tourney and all most won this event that is really impressive hats off to you buddy!

Guys I will post lists and pictures and stuff like that later. Today is the Super Bowl so go Hawks!

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Yeah thanks a lot for hosting this. I had an absolute blast. Really cool game and the Japanese are totally my play style. And actually I had only played like half a game the night before to familiarize myself with the rules, and then the tournament was my second, third and fourth games. Makes me even more of a badass for almost winning best axis player (or I just got really lucky). But really I started Bolt Action in part because I needed an excuse to come down and game with the Mugu guys. I loved the 40k tournaments I attended there but nowadays I don't play that game. You and the rest of the guys there are awesome. I will definitely be attending tournaments you host in the future.

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