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FSA Starter Fleet Help


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So I have been reading on the Spartan Games site and others as well for information on which fleets would be good starter fleets.  I still am unsure.  My son and I are thinking about getting into the game and I want to ensure that we get two fleets that will have good games against each other.  What are peoples thoughts on which two fleets would be good to go with and also would be good to bring down to the shop for pick up games from time to time?  Thanks,

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Hey There, welcome to FSA! 


In my opinion, the Terrans, Dindrenzi, and Aquans are all pretty good fleets to start out with. Aquans are fast and heavy hitting, with a fair amount of tinkering that you can do to there capital ships. Dindrenzi play very direct, but have some interesting choices squadron wise, while the Terrans are highly customizable. They all do play differently, but i think those three are easier to use than the Directorate, and the Relthoza. The Sorelians are (arguably) considered the weakest of the 6 major races, though they also have some interesting squadron choices and also play very straightforward.


Most of the fleets play well against each other, and its more about your list composition and synergy, and the mission being played that make the game fun and challenging.


Hope i helped!


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The new starter box would be a great place to start! The Directorate work well, but they have a some complex tactics that they need to employ to be successful (Bio Hazard weapons, Cyberwarfare) that are a bit more advanced for beginning players. However that being said, they aren't too hard to play once you get settled into them.

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The Aquans are a very strong faction to play.  Their weapons systems are powerful and ships are very fast. 


Terrans I find too dependent on their shields for defense, and that can hit-or-miss (or is that shield-or-miss).


Dendrenzi are strong, and have a simple mechanic: point and shoot.


Relthoza are more nuanced, as their ships have stealth but they are weaker. 


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