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Table Building - size


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Ok - I have been working hard on setting up for some garage hammer in the future.  I am building a table top for a costco fold up table… This will allow me to get everything out of the way when I need to do some other work in the garage.  The table top will be ⅜ plywood… with 2x2 support - and 1x3 edges to keep things on the table.  I have it mostly planned out - and I have built into the plans to have the table "nest" onto the costco folding table to keep things stable and centered.  ---


My question - I am debating - do I build the top to a full 4x8 sheet…allowing for bigger games as well as room for a side table room.  OR will it be better (size manageable) to build it cut down to 4x6 (traditional play area for 40k).  Allowing for a side table to be an actual separate table nearby?


It seems to be purely preference - but I am leaning to the 4x8.  But I am also thinking I would build 2 tables in the long run.  I figured I would ask those whom possibly did this already - regrets with the smaller 4x6 or the 4x8?  I plan on building the first table this weekend. 





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cool - thinking I will b going with the full 4x8 size… allowing for side table space for games of 40k… and big enough for small apoc games at the full 4x8.  Also - big enough for 2 4x4 spaces for smaller games like infinity.  awesome thanks guys!


- I will show the build on my blog.. sometime.



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