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5 Battlewagons too much for OFCC?


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Also, it's not really even necessarily one dimensional.  


5 Battlewagons are just 575 pts with rams.


I'd go with 2 units of 10 tank bustas for 260 pts, 1 unit of 6 Meganobz for 240 pts, and then 2 units of 20 slugga boyz with nob with PK for 320 more points.  Add Grotsnik for 160 pts as well to go with the Meganobz.  


That's 1555 pts, which is obviously the BULK of a list, but with Orks being so cheap and the HQ and troops choices already taken care of, you can add in a quite a bit of other stuff to the list to really flesh it out.  Or you could change up what is in the battlewagons to make it cheaper?  It certainly creates a lot of pressure, which is very orky.  

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