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SAGA - question about resting


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And banners can still only rest once? Or as much as they want?


Sherbert and I did it wrong, I think. His Anglo-Danes had a couple of times where they rested twice in a row to slough off fatigue. Given the once a turn, damn but abilities that manipulate fatigue are really strong. I also think that I didn't give fatigue enough thought in my strategy. NOT spending fatigue when fighting a unit seems a viable option, if you're looking to exhaust a unit. Anyone ever use small throwaway units of Warriors specifically to exhaust an enemy?

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I don't see a reason that you can't have units of 4 levies. They could work for adding fatigue. That said levies usually require uncommon and rare dice to activate which most of each factions good abilities also require. Might be too dice intensive to use sacrificial levy units. That said it is totally viable to sacrifice units to soften up a tough unit both in numbers and also give them fatigue to use in your favor.


And yes banners can rest as much as they want. If you have a banner you can rest as many times as you want and you can rest at any point in the turn provided you spend an order die each time you choose to rest. If you do not have a banner then you can only rest once per turn and your rest action has to be the very first action that unit takes. Fatigue abilities certainly can be murder.

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Also note that if a unit equipped with a War Banner is activated to Rally Around the Banner, then for the remainder of that turn the unit may not be activated by its controlling player for a Movement or Shooting activation. If it is activated again in the same turn by its controlling player, it can only be given another Rally Around the Banner order.


A unit equipped with a War Banner can be activated normally to Rest, following the standard rules. It doesn't have to use the Rally Around the Banner activation to remove fatigue.


Also note that if a unit equipped with a War Banner is not activated during a turn, one Fatigue is removed from the unit.

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