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H: lots of WH stuffs, W: $$


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Liquidating everything.  This is the first round, complete kits and bits and bits and bits plus some odds and ends and books and stuff.  For the NiBox/Blister stuff I am looking for half of current retail price.  For the bits and partial sprues contact me and we can work something out.  Happy to deliver/meet in the greater Seattle area.  Will be in Vancouver, WA in about 6 weeks (Gamestorm) if people down there want to meet me and avoid shipping.  For the rest of the world, purchaser covers packaging and shipping from Seattle (UPS, USPS or FedEx as you choose, please indicate if you want insurance).


Armies (assembled figs) will be coming separately but they *are* also coming once I can get a solid list of everything put together.  If you know what I have and are interested (mostly that's probably Kremmet or Flava) feel free to hit me up before they get posted.  For everyone else, feel free to ask and I can send pictures...  I have Skaven (7th ed era army), Warriors of Chaos (7th and 8th ed era) and Lizardmen (7th ed era).  I *will* get this stuff posted eventually but not this weekend.



The Rest --

Space Hulk (3rd Edition) NiB (opened but not punched or clipped) - looking for $100 for this
30mm Round Bases (Warmachine) NiBlister
GF9 Plasticard
1/4" square rare earth magnets (for magnetizing bases)
Warmachine Prime:Remix rulebook
Warmachine Legends rulebook
Warhammer 8th Ed. Hardback Rulebook
Warhammer 8th Ed. Paperback (IoB version) Rulebook
Warhammer 7th Ed. Hardback Rulebook
Warhammer 7th Ed. Paperback (starter version) Rulebook
Warhammer 40k 5th Ed.? Paperback (starter version) Rulebook
Warhammer 7th Ed. Warriors of Chaos
Warhammer 8th Ed. Warriors of Chaos - Sold
Warhammer 7th Ed. Skaven 
Warhammer 6th Ed. Lizardmen
Warhammer 7th Ed. Lizardmen
8th Ed. Battle Magic Cards - Sold
8th Ed. Warriors of Chaos Battle Magic Cards - Sold
Mordheim PDF printer black-and-white and spiral bound
More loose sprues and bits than you can shake a stick at...  (Ask if there is something you want.)
Bits from Lizardmen (6th and 7th)
Bits from Warriors of Chaos (6th to 8th)
Bits from Skaven (7th Ed. army including bits from older kits)
2-3 sets of Skaven from Island of Blood (Ask for specific units/pieces, believe the ROs are all gone already for example)
Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors and Wyches (Bloodbowl conversion leftovers)
Ork Gretchin (Bloodbowl conversion leftovers)
7th Ed. Temple Guard NiB
7th Ed. Stormvermin NiB
Plastic (6th Ed.?) Plague Monk Regiment NiB
Warriors of Chaos:
Finecast Festus Leechlord NiBlister - Sold
Plastic Chaos Sorceror Lord NiBlister
Citadel Chosen Command (believe that these are plastic, not finecast) NiB
8th Ed. Chimera NiBag (Mailorder packaging) - Sold
8th Ed. Finecast Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon NiB - Sold
Plastic (7th Ed.?) Chaos Marauder Horsemen NiB
7th Ed. (Plastic) Chaos Knights NiB
8th Ed. (Plastic) Chaos Chariot NiB - Sold
7th Ed. Clanrat Regiment NiB
7th Ed. Hellpit Abomination NiB - Sold
Metal Warpfire Thrower NiBlister
Space Marines: (intended for BB conversion so this is it)
Tactical Squad NiB
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