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For Sale: Space Marine Army


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Space Marine Army For Sale


Nearly 2,000 points of Space Marines worth ~$850 for $150 (OBO).


Great way to start a new army or expand an existing one.


Army includes the following (with bits):

Unit(s) Value

1 Chaplian with Jump Pack. ~19

10 Sniper Scouts. ~50

10 Scout Marines. ~50

~34 Space Marines. ~105

10 Assault Marines with Jump Packs ~65

1 Devastator Squad (5 Marines). ~35

1 Terminator Swuad (5 Terminators) ~50

2 Dreadnoughts. ~90

1 Land Speeder Typhoon. ~30

2 Land Speeder Tornados. ~60

1 Razorback Troop Transport. ~40

2 Predator Tanks. ~110

1 Sisters of Battle Immolator. ~35

1 Land Raider Crusader. ~70

1 Set of Whirlwind bits (turn tank/transport into a Whirlwind).

Troop Carrying Case (108 standard unit capacity) ~55

Total Value ~864


Please note: no model is finished. They are all in varying stages of completion. Most have been assembled to some degree and most Tactical Marines have been painted with Ultramarine colors.


Please respond with interest or any questions.



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