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Space Monkeys or Fish Men?


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So I am trying to decide what I will be diving back into Infinity with. I am also trying to decide if I want to go and play in the OFCC Infinity tournament. I need to get painting soon if so and I need to nail down a list. So I am conflicted currently. I love CA as it was my first faction and my most complete. I love in particular my Morats because pissed off warrior Klingon space monkeys are right up my alley. I need a bunch of the new models as they are some of the best that CB makes in my opinion. I am also kind of thinking of generic CA because the new starter set is also badass. Competing with the evil aliens for my affection are the manipulative aliens aka Tohaa aka AsariDrell aka fish dudes. I like some of their new units a lot and they seem really interesting. 


Anyways what do people think I should play at the moment? I am super conflicted. I want to pick one and play the hell out of it until I am an expert in N3. I have lots of models for both factions but would need to get a few more to update them. Do you feel that something like Morats have enough specialists to play to a scenario well?

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Personally, I've found the changes to N3 with command tokens, suppression fire, and other tweaks to be significant enough that I haven't even wanted to start trying to master fire teams. Also, with almost everything that was 'meh' before getting much better, I find the selection of Neopolitan lists (that is, all-flavors or 'standard') to be impossible to resist. 


I vote play straight combined army, and experiment with all your toys. 

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I think that prize goes to the Anathematic actually but Umbra is pretty high up there. I have been playing vanilla CA and loving it though I do really want to get some more Morat models and give them a try as well. The points drops in the game for heavy units allows me to fit in a pretty good amount of stuff that I couldn't before.

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