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X-wing road trip?


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Anyone want to go to an X-wing tournament soon? Tis the season after all.


These are the ones that interest me most:


Card Kingdom - Seattle, WA: Saturday Feb. 28 @ 12:00 PM


Around the Table - Lynnwood, WA: Sunday March 1st @ 1:00 PM

(Either/or because I don't want to spend a whole weekend away. Ive never been to Card Kingdom and want to check it out, but lynnwood is closer)


Mox Boarding House - Bellevue, WA: Saturday Mar. 7th @ 12:00 PM

(Never been here, but Bellevue isn't a bad drive)


The Game Matrix - Lakewood, WA: Sunday March 22nd @ 11:00 AM

(Longer drive, but I love this store)


I'd be willing to go to several of these but preferably not back-to-back weekends.


Who's in?

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Yeah, I'll probably take my rebels to the first one. Scum will probably be at DTG on 2/26 and the first tournament is the 28th. Not enough time for me. The Games Matrix on 3/22 on the other hand...who knows.


Anyway, it sounded like everyone was on board with Card Kingdom on 2/28. We've got:








Any objections before I call CK and RSVP for 5?

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Can I call wide body that would make 3 to a back seat an idea that maybe isn't good? :)

Don't worry Josh, you're the body with the shotty. Kacy'll fit in the trunk.


Kacy, are you walking distance to the shop? I was thinking I could pick up Joey on the way to the shop and meet you suckas there at 10 am? Could that work? Then we'll pick up Grayson down in the southlands.

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Talked to card kingdom and they're icky doing same day registration. They also asked if we could bring any spare play mats.


I'm not really comfortable asking to borrow the nice ones but we've got a few felt ones back there too. Are any of those ours to take? Could someone pick them up today? I'm working late.

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