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Prime Weather for Priming my Models


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I was thinking that spray priming my models this Sunday might be a good day. Sunday is supposed to be a high of 61 with humidity of 65%. I would be priming in my garage. What are peoples thoughts, would those be ok conditions or hell no?


I could alternately paint it on with a paint brush using the GW primer, but I am not sure how well that would work out when priming Rhino's. It works great for small models, not so sure about models with large flat surface areas like vehicles.


Thanks again all.

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I'd agree with west, I know we are in the wet climate but I really try for no higher than 50%. Since you are using a garage I've had luck using a dehumidifier in the space for a few hours, opening the door to spray, then keeping it running while the dry in the space. I did that when it was raining and such to prep for a tourney so I couldn't wait for a good priming day.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I find a space heater that rotates to work well as direct heat is bad. I have been able to prime year round. i have a 20 dollar heater that has worked for past 3 years. I use it during john humidity days too.

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