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Cathedral floor display board basing question.


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So for my OFCC Sisters I'm thinking of doing a ruined cathedral display board. The rough plan is, make a single 2'x2' stone floor with a suitable mosaic, cut out circles where each girl will stand and use the pieces I cut out as basing. That way when each model stands on the display the mosaic is visible. The question I have is, what material? Considered oven bake clay because it's easy to carve/sculpt/cut and seems like the easiest option but I haven't had much luck with it after baking. At the thickness I need (relatively thin) after baking it ends up both rubbery and crumbly. Odd because I always thought that they were mutually exclusive traits. Anyone have any suggestions on either how to make it work or an alternative?


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Well, there is this:



But not available till May.


The killer is cutting the holes and reusing the leftover.  I can think of half a dozen different ways to to it without the holes and still have matching bases, but that doesn't help you.


One way to do it would be make a single repeating mosaic tile, about 1.5 in sq.  You then make a mold of that tile.  Cast as many as you need and build your floor.  Then use a hole saw to cut your bases holes in the floor, salvaging as much as possible.  Any damaged circles could be rebuilt by casting more tiles and trimming/fitting as needed.  If you wanted a less than pristine floor with a small amount of rubble it would be easier to hide to irregularities.

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How are you making the mosaic? Is it a carved relief or painted tiles? If it's painted tiles, then the solution is easier since the pattern is in how you paint the square grid texture.


If it's a relief, I would make a mold of a plaster layer, carve into that with your design, then cut out the circles for the bases. Then I'd go back and sink the mini bases into place, apply an even layer of putty to the surface, and sculpt back in the missing design.


Personally, I wouldn't do this project without a repeating pattern you can mold and cast.

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I'm shooting for an embossed mosaic. I found some cool old Tarot cards that I'd like to replicate as the images, Death for Repentia, the Tower for Seraphim, maybe Heirophant for the regular Sisters etc...

The stamp is a good idea for the regular stones around the images. Maybe I'll try a plaster, someone around here did a kick-ass Lizardman army that way.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

You could always print the cards glue the paper than just use a grey colored paper. paint a few layers on top of watered down white glue. Start very thin and practice on a separate piece of foam. You can also tile floor first then glue of floor. You could make it look like the mosaic was painted onto tiles or you could go for a giant slab brought in to be painted. Vid you do tile make sure to trace a hobby knife around each tile glue on.


If the paper matches the color of the stones it will give a great effect, just make sure the weight of the paper is right, thin if gluing onto tiles and thicker if gluing on to foam.

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That was me with the Lizardman bases, you can carve out the pattern that you want with a similar technique. I used a dollar store baking tray and some cheap plaster. So even if it doesn't work out for your needs, you're only out about $5.


I think you might be able to carve your pattern and then carefully cut out the base circles, keeping all of the patterns intact. Make sure you use a fresh razor blade to make the cuts while the plaster is sill setting up, and I wouldn't try to punch anything out until it's completely dry.

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