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Does anyone think SNL is funny anymore?

Brother Glacius

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I've tried to watch it for the past few years....the random episode every now and again....but for the most part...it sucks. It sucks hard. I've watched entire shows without even a chuckle. And "live"...they shouldn't even use that word anymore. Not much of that show is live. I'll probably watch the 40 just for the hope of seeing something funny...but if not..then it will truly be the end for me. They have really lost touch.

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I think it's always been this way. People sometimes want to romanticize an era as being better but it's a case of counting all the hits. The great SNL skits are great, I think precisely because of the huge risk of taping live with a non cast member.

(pitch this to a theater company and see what they say) Odds are that it goes up in smoke. But when it's good it's really good. 

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