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Sir lumpy goes to hell part 2, ie Cancer sucks

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So we went to Seattle last friday to speak with the folks at Cancer Care Alliance. I have pasted in our family update. Just wanted to update you all.

We are doing decent with the news and have a rough year ahead. We will hope to game as much as we can, even gaming during chemo. 

Thanks for the support so far guys.


Sr Lumpy goes to hell part 2.

Short answer TLDR: Chemo for 24 weeks, though only every 2-3 weeks. Then Mastectomy, followed up with radiation for 6 weeks.


Keisha has an Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in her right breast. Triple Receptor positive. It is a little worse than we thought. It is aggressive, so they are going to treat it aggressively.


Step 1 is the Chemo. First set is 4 treatments two weeks apart. Next set of treatments are 6 rounds every 3 weeks. I got lost with the names, but the takeaway is that Keisha should have a relatively normal life during the chemo. The doctor was awesome about it. He stated that nausea is not acceptable in 2015, lol. Amazed at the advancements in the drugs today.


Step 2: A modified radical mastectomy. This is step two as they want to be sure the cancer hasn't spread on the molecular level. Ie, they want to make sure there are not any molecules out there that could turn into cancer later before they do the surgery.


Timing wise, we are looking at this stage happening in the fall of 2015.


Step 3: Radiation. 6 weeks of daily radiation, with short appointment times. This will happen 6-8 weeks after surgery. Very few side affects for this today. The doctor here was really nice and good.


This stage will be rough, as we will most likely have to find a temporary house down in Seattle area. I should be able to telecommute and we will figure out the rest. This stage may not happen until late 2015 or into January of the next year. We will figure this out after the surgery, but still something we have to plan for.


Plastic surgery for reconstruction will be considered after radiation heals.


Overall the cancer is worse than we thought, but the prognosis is as good as we could hope. We live in the best time to have to deal with this disease. One of her chemo therapies was just approved in september of 2013. Even a few years ago this type of cancer could have been worse.

It is going to be a rough year, but we have our plan now. The care we received at SCCA was amazing. I feel great that we are in the right place.


Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers. We will be figuring out our plans in the coming weeks. We appreciate all the offers for help and we will lean on anyone and everyone. For now it's just waiting until we start the chemo.


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Don't forget to give a little thought to how great her medical coverage is. Best wishes sir and she had the positive attitude that will go a long way help her keep those spirits high!


Yes indeed a thousand times this. That and Obamacare are a huge difference between us and having to go all breaking bad. 


Thanks again all. 

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